Learning for Life Curriculum

Principals and purpose

Our ethos at Awsworth is to ‘Strive to Achieve our BEST.’  ALL pupils, regardless of ability, background, race or gender should aim to achieve their best in all that they do.

We have designed our Learning for Life curriculum by taking the National Curriculum and sequencing it, where possible, through a topic-led approach.  We believe this enables our children to develop strong links and interconnect their learning.  When links are tenuous and do not deepen learning, subjects are taught discretely to meet the needs of our pupils.

Running through the core of our Learning for Life curriculum, are our school rules: ‘Ready, Respectful, Safe’.  These values underpin our children’s learning to help them be successful and excellent lifelong learners.

We have three core branches to our curriculum:

  • Knowledge, Skills and Understanding
    • Our pupils need knowledge to enable them to practice skills.  This is taken from the National Curriculum and sequenced in all subjects.  As well as educational skills, we firmly believe in preparing children for their futures.  We develop and encourage independence, resilience and problem solving skills which enable our pupils to flourish when they leave their primary education.  Once skills and knowledge have been mastered, pupils then are encouraged to innovate and let their creativity shine through.
  • Wellbeing
    • Wellbeing is key to our children’s success and happiness.  We encourage all our pupils to be respectful and responsible digital users to keep them safe in an ever-evolving digital world.
  • Personal development
    • We provide pupils at Awsworth with many opportunities to enrich, widen and enhance their learning. We believe in developing pupils’ cultural capital to enable them to form better links which in turn, deepens knowledge, skills and understanding. These character building approaches are aimed at helping our pupils thrive and contribute as citizens in a modern 21st century Britain.

2023 – 2024 Termly Year Group Learning for Life Curriculum Plans

Each term, staff produce a curriculum map to show children the connections between their learning. Through meaningful links, pupils are able to study a wide breadth of content to ensure they get the best possible education. With mixed year groups, we operate two cycles to ensure all content is taught.

Please see below for the termly overviews.

Summer Term 2023 – 2024

Spring Term 2023 – 2024

Autumn Term 2023 – 2024